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VW Hot Rod Stock Tins and Sheet Metal

Here at Chirco performance we not only offer stock replacement Air Cooled Volkswagen engine sheet metal and tin but also offer a wide selection of chrome Air Cooled engine sheet metal parts. So if you're looking to customize your Air Cooled Volkswagens engine we've got you covered, please browse all of our air cooled VW engine parts and accessories categories for all your VW parts needs

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VW Hot Rod Stock Breather System

VW Hot Rod Stock Camshafts

VW Hot Rod Stock Connecting Rods

VW Hot Rod Stock Cooling Fans

VW Hot Rod Stock Crankshafts & Parts

VW Hot Rod Stock Cylinder Heads

VW Hot Rod Stock Cylinder Studs

VW Hot Rod Stock Cylinder Shroud Tins

VW Hot Rod Stock Dipsticks

VW Hot Rod Stock Dowell Pins

VW Hot Rod Stock Draft Boots

VW Hot Rod Stock Engine Cases

VW Hot Rod Stock Compartment Seals

VW Hot Rod Stock Tins & Sheet Metal

VW Hot Rod Stock Fan Belts

VW Hot Rod Stock Flywheels & Shims

VW Hot Rod Stock Gasket Set & Seals

VW Hot Rod Stock Gland Nuts

VW Hot Rod Stock Lifters

VW Hot Rod Stock Oil Caps

VW Hot Rod Stock Oil Coolers

VW Hot Rod Stock Oil Pumps

VW Hot Rod Stock Oil Screens & Gaskets

VW Hot Rod Stock Piston Kits

VW Hot Rod Stock Pulleys

VW Hot Rod Stock Push Rods & Tubes

VW Hot Rod Stock Piston Rings

VW Hot Rod Stock Valves & Parts

VW Hot Rod Stock Valve Covers

Chirco Reviews

Mary & Terry Toth
Mary & Terry Toth
17:21 25 May 19
Very good people to work with they really know there stuff I recommend highly Terry & Mary
George Russell
George Russell
17:30 23 May 19
Regardless of whatever else I've had for cars I've always had at least one VW. Reliable and easy to work on. Chirco is without question the best place around Tucson to get quality VW parts and service.
joe gardner
joe gardner
19:38 07 May 19
i live in hawaii and its hard to get parts. the guys at chirco has made my experience much easier.. thank you guys.
Kurt van opstal
Kurt van opstal
02:57 01 May 19
I buy some times parts from. Them. For. My company fun buggy, Punta cana, Dominican Republic. Making tours with beach buggy's. I like there good service and quick shipping
Jeremy Mate
Jeremy Mate
20:13 07 Apr 19
I love chirco Automotive, great people, great shop and awesome showroom!!
23:37 27 Mar 19
Awesome people!!! And they have had everything I've needed so far
Doninik L
Doninik L
05:01 17 Mar 19
Best place in Tucson to get you vw fix. They are knolagable and can help you out with just about anything you need
Britten Rosenberg
Britten Rosenberg
00:32 10 Mar 19
Being a VW onwer and live very close buy I have been there a lot. Staff is very knowledgeable and are very friendly. Joe the owner is a good guy and will help you get what you need.
Robert Barracco
Robert Barracco
04:07 03 Mar 19
Nice people Quick Service had what I needed very good experience
Tim Miller
Tim Miller
20:33 10 Feb 19
Great service, very helpful staff. Great prices.
Randy Best
Randy Best
00:26 16 Jan 19
Old aircooled dub paradise. I restore old VWs and this place always has what I need.
Adam Kowalczyk
Adam Kowalczyk
20:41 08 Jan 19
Plenty of V W dune buggy parts, and lots of knowledge.
Peter Sollenbarger
Peter Sollenbarger
02:35 08 Dec 18
Joe Chirco is a great guy with a great team to help him out. they are very knowledgeable about all VW and more.
Keith Rae
Keith Rae
19:02 18 Oct 18
Awesome place. Great staff. Usually have what you need

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